Savannah Weekend 2018

I can't believe this is my life So here I sit in the Jacksonville, FL waiting for my flight back to the Washington DC airport after a fast paced, fun and friend filled weekend getaway.  There are very few things in this world that I truly LOVE LOVE and one of those things is music. ... Continue Reading →

Blog Clean up

This blog started at a way to journal my weight loss journey, most of those posts have been hidden now.  That is no longer my entire focus and being.   I am moving on.... on to what I'm not completely sure? In undoubtedly it will a ton of SCUBA stuff in it, travel, some rantings... Continue Reading →

Hong Kong/Thailand – 10/2017

I am so very blessed to have a generous cousin who currently lives in Hong Kong and invited me to come stay with him and his girlfriend.  I lucked out and found a great airline ticket through United for only $500.  My cousin, Jered, suggested that we spend part of my visit in Thailand.  He... Continue Reading →


I think it is fair to say August 27th, 2018 has changed my life. My bucket list for 2017 contained a list of 6 things that I wanted to accomplish before the year was over. Skydiving - √ Warrior Dash - √ Hang Gliding Bridge Bungee Jumping Snow Boarding Certified Scuba Diver - √ To... Continue Reading →

Quick update

Whew!!! Where did I leave off? I think my last post was just over a year ago... SO MANY THINGS have happened since then.. I have already posted about my first bucket list item and told you about jumping out of an airplane here.  just one word again.. AMAZING! In October I completed a warrior dash!... Continue Reading →

Weekend getaway — FL & GA

I love getaways! Well, I love travel in general and even more now that it's not so uncomfortable. I fit into an airplane seat with room to spare and trecking through the airport with luggage is no longer a chore. So bring on the weekend jaunts to visit my bestie in Jacksonville. This time we... Continue Reading →

Goal #1

So... I am a very adventurous person, however my weight has hindered me from doing anything on my bucket list for many years. I wasn't comfortable doing ANYTHING out of fear.  Fear of not fitting, fear of what people were saying behind my back, fear of people just seeing me.. you get the point.. Just... Continue Reading →

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