Savannah Weekend 2018

I can't believe this is my life So here I sit in the Jacksonville, FL waiting for my flight back to the Washington DC airport after a fast paced, fun and friend filled weekend getaway.  There are very few things in this world that I truly LOVE LOVE and one of those things is music. ... Continue Reading →

Blog Clean up

This blog started at a way to journal my weight loss journey, most of those posts have been hidden now.  That is no longer my entire focus and being.   I am moving on.... on to what I'm not completely sure? In undoubtedly it will a ton of SCUBA stuff in it, travel, some rantings... Continue Reading →

Riviera Maya – Mexico

Greeting from the SCUBA obsessed diver!  I just returned from Rivera Maya, where I was diving on a girls trip.  I traveled with a dive buddy of mine named Nicole.  She is just a bit older than my son, however she is pretty great.  We flew in from IAD into Cancun, then we had about... Continue Reading →

Hong Kong/Thailand – 10/2017

I am so very blessed to have a generous cousin who currently lives in Hong Kong and invited me to come stay with him and his girlfriend.  I lucked out and found a great airline ticket through United for only $500.  My cousin, Jered, suggested that we spend part of my visit in Thailand.  He... Continue Reading →


I think it is fair to say August 27th, 2018 has changed my life. My bucket list for 2017 contained a list of 6 things that I wanted to accomplish before the year was over. Skydiving - √ Warrior Dash - √ Hang Gliding Bridge Bungee Jumping Snow Boarding Certified Scuba Diver - √ To... Continue Reading →

Quick update

Whew!!! Where did I leave off? I think my last post was just over a year ago... SO MANY THINGS have happened since then.. I have already posted about my first bucket list item and told you about jumping out of an airplane here.  just one word again.. AMAZING! In October I completed a warrior dash!... Continue Reading →

Weekend getaway — FL & GA

I love getaways! Well, I love travel in general and even more now that it's not so uncomfortable. I fit into an airplane seat with room to spare and trecking through the airport with luggage is no longer a chore. So bring on the weekend jaunts to visit my bestie in Jacksonville. This time we... Continue Reading →

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