Savannah Weekend 2018

I can’t believe this is my life

So here I sit in the Jacksonville, FL waiting for my flight back to the Washington DC airport after a fast paced, fun and friend filled weekend getaway.  There are very few things in this world that I truly LOVE LOVE and one of those things is music.  I find that music can define all of the significant moments in our lives, well at least mine.. I can find a song for anything (thanks Dad).  When I found out that one of my favorite new country artist was going on be in one of my most beloved city’s I had to get tickets and go see him.  Bonus was that one of my besties was available to travel with me. Double bonus was that another artist I follow was playing the same bar the next night!  It was fated for me to go.

I flew in Thursday afternoon and we got up Friday for the roughly two hour trek to Savannah.  Let me just tell you how much I enjoy Savannah.  All of the food is good from the burgers at B&D Burgers to the raw oysters at Sorry Charlies.  Friday night was awesome! img_0490.jpgHunter Price from Americas got Talent season 13 opened for Devin Dawson.  Im adding him as an artist to watch in the coming years.  Hes pretty good.  I would consider him an up and coming.

kD+Wb7tlQryvU6Hsh4vfIADevin Dawson: Everything that I hoped he would be but better!  During our meet and greet he was so personable.  He greeted us with a huge hug and chit chat.  He said he’s a talker.  I probably could have stood there and chatted with him about music and living in CA for hours, however the photographer hurried him along. (DAMN IT).  Show was great, he played the entire album and a couple new songs.  Check him out here: Devin Dawson Music

Here is his performance of “All on me” while we were at Saddlebags: Live – All on me November 2018

Saturday, Jen and I were able to have lunch with my old friend Jamie.  We caught up on current events in each others lives while noshing on raw oysters from Sorry Charlies. (YUM FUCKING YUM).  Gosh I miss Jamie and vowed to make sure that I keep in touch with her more. Placing that in here so yall can keep me accountable.

Jen had some nursing school studying to do so I ran off to spend some time with my friends Mike and David.  Those two….. HA HA, glad I got a chance to spend a few hours hanging out like old times.

Saturday night brought Carter Winter to the Saddlebags stage. He started really late (for me) at 11!.. Sadly his music is great but he isn’t much of a performer.  He performed a bunch of his songs off the new album and some hits from other artists, but it was just kinda flat.  Not the music but his performance.  He just seemed to phone it in.  Dont get me wrong, his voice is AMAZING! We made it almost to the end of his set and left the bar around 12:30ish and I was asleep within hours. HA.

As much as I like to consider myself a jetsetter, whew this weekend just about wiped me out.  Basically, I jumped on a plane straight from work on Thursday, flew in, Pandora Jax charm, UBER, slept, got up worked for a few hours, we drove to Savannah, go to mall, Pandora charm, hotel, grabbed something to eat, went to bar, back to room, slept, up for lunch, hang with friends, hang with more friends, back to room, get ready for bar again, eat, bar till all hours, sleep, up and head back to Jax, go to beaches, pick up dog, sushi, run errands, sit for hour, bed, up and airport!


Update: I have already been making plans to go see Carter Winter again…I know I KNOW  but his music is just that great.. Check it out… Carter Winter Music

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