Blog Clean up

This blog started at a way to journal my weight loss journey, most of those posts have been hidden now.  That is no longer my entire focus and being.   I am moving on…. on to what I’m not completely sure? In undoubtedly it will a ton of SCUBA stuff in it, travel, some rantings about life (although its pretty great right now) and touches of the adventures of Bugg (my granddaughter).  I’m pretty lucky.  Shit I’m amazingly lucky… I am comfortable in life right now, almost unstoppable.  Its not that I want to move away from how I got here, I just think that I have grown.  I’m no longer a victim of certain life events, but am now a survivor and need to step out of  the pain.  Does that make sense?  The person from 2015 and before is pretty much gone… I can’t say that I am gonna miss her.

So here is to moving out of pain, putting our best foot forward and living our best lives.

MUAH!!!!! Kiss Kiss..


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