Riviera Maya – Mexico

Greeting from the SCUBA obsessed diver!  I just returned from Rivera Maya, where I was diving on a girls trip.  I traveled with a dive buddy of mine named Nicole.  She is just a bit older than my son, however she is pretty great.  We flew in from IAD into Cancun, then we had about a 45 min to hour drive to the Barceló Resort – Riviera Maya.  This is an all inclusive resort to die for.  Numerous pools, a spa, a gym, dive shop and several restaurants. There isn’t too much you could want for while staying here. The resort is huge! Maybe a better word is ginormous? There are several different areas.  Google it or check out the link above, but trust you can get lost!

Day 1: We got there just around 1 pm Mexico time and very soon after we happened to find our friends eating lunch before their afternoon dive.  We had lunch then decided to just relax a bit.  We headed down to the beach for some #SaltLife.

Day 2: Our first day of diving started with a ferry ride over to Cozumel with the dive shop Dressel Divers where they also have a shop at the Iberostar Resort.   They organized it for us.  I don’t recall the reason but we can not do night dives from where we were staying.  Prior to this trip I had never done a night dive and it was one of the things that I wanted to do.  The ferry ride is about 45 minutes shore to shore.  We took a short taxi ride from the ferry area to the Iberostar resort where we would be diving from for the day.

We did two dives and a night dive there in Cozumel with Milly the divemaster for the day.  She is really sweet! She is the tall blonde in the middle. (that’s me in the pink on the left).  I was able to stop at the Pandora store to grab my Cancun charm! Thanks Milly! group-photoIf I didn’t mention it before this was going to be my first night dive.  Additionally, I think I have mentioned that I am scared of the boogie man who happens to live in the dark. This was a challenge for me, but I am all about pushing myself.  I WILL NOT BE THE ONE WHO DOESN’T PARTICIPATE due to fear. That is just not who I am anymore.  Although night diving still won’t be my preference, it was worth it in the end.  We saw a bunch of octopi, some lion fish and other random sea life.

JC and us
JC, Nicole and me! Such a sweet guy

Day 3:  The next day consisted of two tank dives off the boat there in Riviera Maya with JC. The viz was limited a bit and the water was choppy due to a storm that was brewing.  (THANKS MICHAEL). However, any day in the water is  good day. #SaltLife.

Before Michael became a hurricane, he visited us in the form of a tropical storm.  He put a stop to all of our diving.  We missed the afternoon ocean dive on Day 3 and all ocean dives Day 4 & 5.

We were able to salvage some diving on Day 4. There are these fresh water things kind of like caves called cenotes.   The official definition is a deep sinkhole in limestone with a pool at the bottom that is found especially in Yucatan.  You ask me: a cave with several openings.  LOL. (remember I am scared of the boogie man).  Needless to say we did two tanks dives at the Chikin Ha cenote.  Our cave diving instructor was Marcelo. He was super nice.. very calm and zen.

The entrance to Chikin Ha. 

Cenote diving is in a category all of its own. There is no sea life to look at, no pretty coral and its super chilly. That being said, I think I will have to give them another chance when there is more light outside.  Since Michael was in the making we didn’t get to see any of the wonderful light beams and the cenote was extra dark inside.

We spent the last part of the trip relaxing, “hot tubing”, beaching, shopping, and just hanging out. Overall it was a great trip. I can’t wait to go back, besides I have a 4 dive credit!  that’s two days of boat dives.. Wanna come?

To see video from my dives, (day, night and cenote) visit my YouTube page.

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