Quick update


Where did I leave off? I think my last post was just over a year ago… SO MANY THINGS have happened since then..

I have already posted about my first bucket list item and told you about jumping out of an airplane here.  just one word again.. AMAZING!


In October I completed a warrior dash! *Real quick about the warrior dash.. it was my idea to gather up a group from work and run this 5K with obstacles.  IT WAS F**CKING miserable.  I finished but will never do it again. √ I can check that box and move on with a smile on my face.

This is my team.  Although I have a smile here, I was in fact miserable!

And next.. So…. I started this thing.. You know, one of those things that changes you forever. You get obsessed and its pretty much all you can think about?

I started Scuba Diving — insert the sound the gates of heaven opening up and angels singing.

Meet Ron. More on him, his wife and my incredible dive family later.

August 27th 2017 I was officially certified as an open water Scuba diver.  From then it has consumed so much of my brain its unreal. In fact, the majority of this Blog will probably be about that.  I have taken some amazing trips since being certified, I can’t wait to share it.

The calm I feel underwater is indescribable.  The normal chaos that happens non stop in my head is silent and I’m at piece for the duration of the dive.  More on that later.

So that is my quick update. I will post more later and individually on my weight, trips and the rest of goings on in my world.  Ta Ta for now.