I think it is fair to say August 27th, 2018 has changed my life.

My bucket list for 2017 contained a list of 6 things that I wanted to accomplish before the year was over.

  1. Skydiving – √
  2. Warrior Dash – √
  3. Hang Gliding
  4. Bridge Bungee Jumping
  5. Snow Boarding
  6. Certified Scuba Diver – √

To be honest, I am not even upset that I didn’t get to check off the rest of my list.  Those items can just be things I do later. I’m not writing them off, however, once I hit that water……………………. EVERYTHING changed.

As of today, I am an advanced open water diver with 50+ dives under my belt that include dives from the following places: Thailand, Grand Cayman and Cozumel.  Each  place I travel will have its own post in the future, with lost of photographs.  On the weekends I dive locally at Millbrook Quarry and Lake Phoenix (also a quarry).  Quarry diving is lacking when compared to the Caribbean, however I don’t care as long as I’m in the water.  There is this tranquility that comes over me, I don’t know how to explain. Its the most amazing feeling ever.


I can’t wait to share all my underwater adventures with you..


Love T.



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