The size mindset 

This is a large shirt and size 12 shorts (Old Navy)


So yesterday I went shopping for clothes. Ok to be fair,  I’ve shopping more than yesterday, but this is about my mindset yesterday while shopping. I see the posts all the time in the weight loss community social media about how someone tried on clothes in a new size and couldn’t believe their newest size they fit into. I’ve posted the same post! However, in the back of my mind I had huge doubt about said size. Were the pants just stretchy? Can I trust Old Navy sizing?  Was the shirt cut big?  Everyone know a XL at Walmart isn’t the same size as an XL at Lane Bryant or Torrid. It’s a fact, they are different. So even though I “fit” into that “size”, can I really call myself  whatever said size might be? There is that doubt. I didn’t believe, I really didnt. Someone asked me my size and my go to was a larger size because of my fat brain. Or was it insecurity? I’m not sure.

Well yesterday I finally accepted that I am a size 12 pant and a large shirt. After trying on MANY different largess and size 12 pants, in MANY different stores, they all fit. They all weren’t flattering but they didn’t get stuck going over my head, seize up going over my boobs or need a few inches to get around  my mothers apron either. I can say with confidence I’m a large shirt and a 12 pant. Oh yeah!!!! ❤️

The sad part is, it’s been weeks! I just couldn’t let myself own it. That makes me sad. I shouldn’t need so much proof to celebrate such an accomplishment. That is something I’m gonna work on.

Another recent NSV are wearing a 38DD strapless bra from Victoria Secret all day without worrying that the girls were gonna fall out and never once did I need to readjust.