Weekend getaway — FL & GA

I love getaways! Well, I love travel in general and even more now that it’s not so uncomfortable. I fit into an airplane seat with room to spare and trecking through the airport with luggage is no longer a chore. So bring on the weekend jaunts to visit my bestie in Jacksonville.

This time we decided to visit Savannah GA while I was there on Saturday. It’s just an easy few hours drive up I95.

Friday we headed out to the Jacksonville beach for some sun. Mother Nature had other ideas and it rained, then it was just cloudy gross. I did manage to get my toes into the sand and find some amazing shells.

I collect shells from all of the beaches I visit. The larger ones get the city and date written in them.

After our short time at the beach, we caught up with another friend and headed out to dinner. Mexican on the beach, Flying Iguana. It doesn’t get any better than that. I had a few chips and some guacamole. Not on plan so much but I kept it to a minimum. I’m not going to stop living. Occasionally indulging with not so healthy foods is not going to derail me. I ordered a blackened shrimp taco, no shell. I ate two of the three pieces shrimp and passed the rest to my friends to enjoy.  After dinner we strolled around the beachfront shops.  It was nice to browse and get some additional steps in.

Saturday morning we gathered our things and headed out to Savannah.  I may be bias since I lived there for most of my adult life, but Savannah is one of my favorite cites.  From the cobblestone streets and historic district to the lazy laid back vibe.  Not to mention its just plain fucking cute. Once we arrived, we met up with an old friend of mine, Jamie.

Jamie and I, Lattes and a lemon bar to share, Yummies! and the salad I shared with Jen at lunch on Sat.

We had lunch at Colins Corner.  I shared a chicken salad with Jen (or Jen shared it with me LOL).  We did the touristy stuff. Had some great food and a wonderful time.  Best part is…. I kept going.  I didn’t need to stop, never ran out of energy or wanted to sit down.  My feet did hurt a bit on Sunday however, I think that might have something to do with my $1 Old Navy flip flops I wore.  Right, no wonder….

Here are more photos of the trip.

Saturday night we went to Club One to see the Drag show.. 


Dinner at Sorry Charlies. AMAZING oysters! Bottom left is crab cakes, top right is Ahi Tuna corndogs (gross)


This is the bestie trying raw oysters.  I love this face! 



We got some sweets from Chocolat on Broughton Street and I had to have some boiled peanuts. 


The top two are the view from our room.  The bottom left is Wormslow Historical site, and the bottom right is the Talmage Bridge connecting Savannah with South Carolina. 







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