Goal #1

So… I am a very adventurous person, however my weight has hindered me from doing anything on my bucket list for many years. I wasn’t comfortable doing ANYTHING out of fear.  Fear of not fitting, fear of what people were saying behind my back, fear of people just seeing me.. you get the point.. Just plain old FEAR.  The only time I can remember having a semi normal BMI was when I was WAY too poor to do anything even remotely exciting.  Since graduating from college in my late 30s, getting a great job and moving to the Washington DC area, I have always been too big to take advantage of the more adventurous things I wanted to do and could finally afford.

First up on the bucket list was SKYDIVING!!

I was going to wait until my birthday in August to do it as a treat to myself, however once  get something in my head its hard to think about anything else (A Sea Doo is my current obsession. More on that in a later post).  I knew that I wasn’t over the weight limit anymore and I needed to get started on some of the fun stuff.  I couldn’t wait any longer.  When I brought it up at work one day to a co-worker, she said that she would love to go with me.  BOOM!!! We bought our tickets (Thanks Groupon) and booked a session for the weekend.

The days leading up to the jump were excruciating.  I was so excited I could barely stand it.  Folks would ask me if I was scared and my honest answer was no, none at all.  My desire to jump from a plane goes back so far I can’t even remember where the desire stemmed from.


Driving out to the jump site took forever, it was way out there in the boondocks. When we arrived we had to wait around for a bit.  It seemed like they were behind.  There was a young man waiting before us.  Then there was another group that showed up shortly after us.  We watched as two younger girls landed in the field right outside of the hanger.  One of the instructors headed out to the plane with the young man and Randy (my tandum partner) stayed back with us.  He gave us brief instructions, got us in our harnesses and we waited some more. LOL.

The waiting was killing me.  I had to be patience all week, but now it was my time and I had to wait even longer.. it was WRONG, JUST WRONG.

Prior to our jump day it had rained pretty heavy, so we had to take a van to the another air strip that wasn’t flooded.. more wait time.  When we finally got to the plane (if you want to call it that. It was more like a toy with real engines)  we loaded up.  Seriously, you can only fit 5 people in there, the pilot, two instructors and two jumpers. There is not an inch of extra space.

I promise my feet where all the way up against the back of the plane and Randy is leaning against the pilots chair. Note that the pilot is wearing a parachute as well, LMAO.

Fat voice speaking here: In the picture, notice that I am gripping some sort of hinge. I am doing that so I don’t have to put all my weight on the person behind me. In my head,  I was thinking I was too heavy to lean on him.  sigh.. need to rid myself of the fat brain.

img_6744Getting out of the plane proved to be a bit more difficult than expected.  Since the plane was so tiny, you almost have to do yoga to contort your legs to get out of the door.  I bent them and made it thankfully.  A few months prior, I am not sure that I could have.  Once out the door I forgot everything that Randy had told me on the ground: Head back on his shoulder, kick him in the butt with my feet, smile, have fun…


Me screaming “FUCK YEAH” while free falling!!

The rush was too much! I lost all track of thoughts and couldn’t believe it was finally happening… I was free falling from 10,000 feet.  The view was beyond words, even breath taking doesn’t do it justice.





I did it, it was amazing, and yes I am going to do it again.. I can not wait.


Watch for me to fall out of a sky near you soon!!!

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