Catch up…. My surgery 3/14/2017

WARNING: There is a picture of the tummy they took out at the very bottom of this post.

Wow, its been a very long time since I have done any blogging.  SOOO much has happened.  My bestie, Love Jeni (you can find her blog here) has been urging me to blog more regular, but I find my self being out more and being active. I have less time in the house.  When I am having down time it tends to be consumed with Buggy, my granddaughter.  Not a bad place to be.  Let me see if I can catch up you up a bit on where I am:

Surgery went well!! Fabulous actually.  I had no complications and actually left the hospital a day early.  I was expecting to see some huge incisions on my stomach, however I only had these tiny pin holes.  The picture below shows two of my incisions.  There is another inside my belly button and one more to the far left. You can clearly see one in the middle left and the other is bottom right (close to the gown, to the right of the gauze)

You can only see two of four incisions here. The tube is a pain medicine drip thingy? This is a few hours post op
Here is my belly button. A few hours post op

I will have to blog later about the only hick-up to my prefect pre-surgery plan. That deserves its own place in my blogging history.

The nurses kept the pain meds steady and were really great.  They were sweet and helpful.  They made me get up to use the restroom and to walk around.  I have to admit I just wanted to sleep but its important to walk around to avoid blood clotting.

When I got home all I wanted to do was sleep for the first few days. Sleep and fluids.  The pain pump was awful and made it difficult to sleep.  I was fearful of pulling it out. Other than that it was really uneventful.  I was expecting much worse.  After 3 or 4 days I was able to sleep on my side with a pillow for support against my tummy.

After about 3 days I was feeling about normal.  Aside from being slightly tired, I didn’t feel bad at all.  I only took 10 days off of work.  When it was time to return I was ready, I felt fine.  I worked half days for two weeks, however I think I could have worked full-time.  I have a desk job and am free to get up and walk around at my leisure.

I am going to try to post more today on what I have been up to, eating and just general where I am at.  I am feeling neglectful of my promise to myself to document things as they happen.  I could use your help keeping me accountable. Let me know what and how I can better this blog.. aside from posting more, LMAO.

This is the piece of my tummy they took out.

In the photo to the right, you can see the stitching that they did.  My surgeon told me that they use titanium staples.  They will be inside me forever, but assured me that I wont set of metal detectors at the airport. Scar tissue forms over the staples so the ends don’t remain sharp. I am happy to answer any questions you may have.