Shit just got real

Just about 16 days to surgery.. Hummm. that was surprisingly hard to type, which is the equivalent of saying it out loud.  The road to WLS (weight loss surgery) is a long one. I don’t think there is a different type of surgery that requires so much pre-op time and tasks (Maybe sex change surgery?).  It is incredibly emotional to get close to the surgery process.  There are several months soul-searching, logging food, exercising, doctors appointments and testing.  Navigating through that process is almost a full-time job.  The job I happily signed up for because I didn’t get to the point that I needed WLS by being diligent about what I put in my mouth and exercising regularly (or should I say at all).  So basically,  brought all this on myself, there is no one to blame.  I get that, understand it and put in the work.  With that confession being said……. Shit 16 more days……..

I am I ready for a complete and utter life style change….. ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY!!! So ready that I started early.  I’m the kind of person who goes in head first, drinks all the kool aid, the challenge consumes me.  Lets look at the 5Ks.  I got it in my head that I was going to walk and do 5Ks. So… I challenged myself to 6 5Ks in the year 2017 and completely running one.  —-> Drank all the kool aid:

January – Signed up for 3 5Ks for the beginning of the year and completed 100 walking miles by Jan 31st for my Run the Year team.  (complete 2017 mile in 2017)

February – Competed first 5K of year and set a new PR  (shaved on 5 mins), signed up for a few more 5K races, and signed up for a slew of virtual 5Ks (I lost count). Additionally,  I am within 7 miles of completing my 100 miles in Feb goal with two and a half days to go.

Folk this is only a few months in.  I have changed the way I look at food by paying lots of attention to ingredints and macro nutrients. I am not eating completely clean but that will change as I am allowed to introduce whole foods back into my diet.  What ever I have been doing has been working. I am down more that 30 lbs since October 26th, the first day I was weighed at the bariatic center.  Its pretty exciting that I am in a size 16 pant from a 20.  It is not exciting that my boobs are melting away.. I liked those. Oh well..Ill take it. The hard part is I dont see the changes.  In my eyes I am still the same size, even though I see that my clothes dont fit.  Its a terrible mind fuck and it is something that I will have to work on.

PS.  I know that I am missing lots of details of how I got to 16 days but to be honest the last month and a half have been out of control busy.  I am never still long enough to get my thought down on the computer.. Once the train really got running I couldnt stop it.  I promise I will update soon on the last of my appointments, pre-op appts, submission and approval.