The January EGD ✔️

The EGD experience was the most anti climatic experience this far. I have not been under anesthesia in more than 20 years. I’ve only had one hospital stay in those same twenty years (and that was only for an out of control ear infection. I’m a relatively healthy person (if you don’t include the obese part).

After waiting for an hour for them to call my name, we went to the back for all the pre op information they want. I should add that they gave me papers that HAD to be brought with me to the hospital that the nurse told me she didn’t need. While back there answered health related questions, etc  they required me to pay my portion of my deductible. I left there $1,118 poorer.

My question here is what if I didn’t have it that day, would they have sent me home. What if you’re self pay? Are there payment plans?

Anyway, the nurse was unable to find a vein in my hand so it went into the back of my forearm. No shock here. My vines don’t like needles. Then after some awkward jokes that fall out of my mouth when I’m nervous, they rolled me back to my dr. The put something in my mouth to keep it open, places an oxygen mask on my face and that’s all I remember. Next thing I know I’m in post op with my friend asking me how it went. Good I guess. In total the procedure too 10-15 minutes.

That was it. 5 mins later I was wheeled out to the car with instructions not to drive, sign any legal papers, or take my dog out.  Apparently, you’re legally drunk for 12 hours after. Hummm. Good sleep, drunk without a hangover, anesthesia could be better than chocolate.

I did however get all call a few days later letting my know that the biopsy they did came back and I have H. Pylori and acid reflux. WTF. I was fine before. Oh well. They called me in a few prescriptions and I have to follow up in 14 when I’m done for a breath test to see if it’s gone.