It’s here. ITS HERE!! ❤️️❤️️

Finally 2017 is here and Day one is in the books. So long 2016 and all the drama and heartache you brought with you.

I walked first thing in the am so I could log in my miles for 2017 miles in 2017. I am a part of a four woman team called #fabfocusedfour. We all signed up with Run the Edge to collectively complete 2017 miles within the year. That means I need to do 9 miles per week. Easy peasy.

Let me digress for one second:

Y’all!! My team leader is my ride or die friend Jen. I pray that y’all have someone cheering you on like she does for me. She is my biggest chearleader, my nutrition checker, my inspiration and more than anything is my heart ❤️. She has been through some shitty things  but remains to be, without a doubt, one of the strongest, most positive  women (actually person) I know.

I was lucky enough to have her spend 2015 Christmas and New Years with me:

That is us right before the 2016 turkey trot (she drug me to).

She just completed her first half marathon in Dec and I’m so extremely proud of her. You can check out her journey here. It’s a must read, must follow blog. Trust me when I say you might need a tissue. You can thank me later. #fuckcancer #livingwithgraves

Okay where was I?? Oh right. Day 1 of 2017. Logged some miles then off to lunch with the family who are still in town. Then it was a pretty lazy afternoon working on my Happy Planner and sticker book.

There was a late evening trip to Wally World for some supplies (and more discounted Christmas wrapping supplies) ( have I mentioned how much I love a bargain)

Do you have mileage goals for 2017 or a Happy Planner?