Wrapping up 2016

I think many folks would agree with me when I say:


Without a doubt 2016 put me to the test and I amaze myself with how strong I actually am by making it through by flipping the circumstances to positive things.  Many of the events of 2016 lead me to journey/path I am currently on and I wouldn’t change a thing.  Some I can share, like the birth of my first grandchild, the grand-baby and her mother moving into my home, the finality of my long-term relationship (it didn’t just end, it was the final FINAL – no doubt its over, over), the raw emotions felt nationally associated with the presidential election and the hurt it caused, and random other blows. Some I have to keep close. The wounds and secrets surrounding them are still sharp and painful and not ready for public consumption.  I’m not pushing them away, I am dealing with them, just not in a public setting, not yet anyway. It seems at each and every turn I got another punch in the stomache.

I’m so looking forward to seeing this year in my rearview mirror.  Although there were joyous occasions (like spending time and hanging with the little one below), it was mainly ROUGH.

The thought of some of the events brings tears to my eyes. Not to mention looking in the mirror and seeing what is looking back at me.  I got to a place where I just didn’t want to settle anymore. So I literally got off the couch in November and started making changes.

  1. Braces to fix my smile
  2. Mole (Mount Everest) removed from forehead
  3. Skin tags removed
  4. Started process to have WLS – Sleeve
  5. Completed 2 5Ks
  6. Joined 4 woman team to complete 2017 miles in 2017

I’m setting myself up to have a Fabulous 2017.  It is a conscious choice not to make resolutions. I am making lifetime change , period.  It’s not going to be easy by far, but by stepping out and acknowledging what issues I need to work on, I think I am off to a good start.  I have an amazingly supportive circle of friends.  Each person has a irreplaceable place in my heart. I am a lucky lucky girl.

So here’s to 2017… Its gonna be great. I am looking forward to Tamaria 2.0, same me just new and improved version.

Let me know what you’re looking forward to in 2017!