PreOp NSV #2

Today I tied my shoes!! No really…  I bent over and tied my shoes. I didn’t choke, feel like I was dying, nor did I have to tie my shoe off to the side because I couldn’t quite reach.  Maybe you don’t understand, I bent over and tied my shoe in the middle like a person who doesn’t have this huge “mothers apron” hindering them. I haven’t lost it completely, but I am now hopefully that maybe it is shrinking.

So in other news… My parents are here visiting me.  How and why is this significant you may ask?  Well my parents are the epitome of unhealthy habits.    They smoke like chimneys and eat outrageously.  Mom eats once a day, maybe twice if it is something good. Dad eats whenever the wind blows and wont eat it if it sounds healthy.  Maybe I am seeing this now because I am watching what I eat, but good grief ITS ALMOST UNBEARABLE to remain on a healthy track when surrounded by bad choices.  I keep my mouth shut, as this is my journey, not theirs. But ugggg…..its so hard.

Night before last it was pretzels and funnel cakes at the festival.  Last night it was pecan pie and ice cream. Let us not forget about the dozen Krispy Kreme donuts for breakfast. I feel guilty about my 1 piece of reduced sodium this am.

Oh well.. That is the state of affairs right now..