Nutrition appt #2 (and other random stuff) 

My second nutrition appointment was my first in a group setting. I wish I could say it was informative, however it was really only information I already had.  We chatted about how to make the right food choices and making sure that you plan to succeed by planning ahead and keeping healthy snacks available. 

Lets be clear:  I HATE GROUP ANYTHING.  There is always that one person that derails the class and this one was more of the same. I’m hoping for a different outcome in my third and final nutritional meeting coming up in Jan. Also, I’m thinking of checking out the support group. We’ll see when the time comes. 

I do however love getting on the scale when I know I’ve been losing. Here is my stats as of the 2nd nutritional meeting: 

It’s a bit daunting seeing how much more I have to lose to get to my goal. But as my friend/trainer says, “you didn’t put it on in a day”. It did taste a whole lot better going on though. Sigh, I digress. 

I do keep two separate tools for tracking my weight loss. The app above is MonitorYourWeight. I only log official weigh ins at a health providers facility. That way I know exactly what they have. 

For everyday use, I use the following:  I have an Apple Watch and a Fitbit flex 2. I wear both when I am not at work. My scale is a Aria by Fitbit. To track my food I use Lose It premium. ($20 for the year). It integrates with my Fitbit, I can type in recipes and share them with friends and I can track my macros. If you have an Apple Watch or Lose It let me know and we can be friends. 

I shouldn’t but I weight myself daily. Awful I know, but it’s my drug. Let me have my weight ins please. 

Also coming up in Jan is my physiological exam. I’m sorta nervous about that one. I have no idea what to expect. Let me know how yours went if you’ve gone before.