It’s official!!  You can call me braceface. I’m keeping true to my word. When I said if you don’t like it fix it was my motto for 2017 I MEANT it. (I did say that right?). 

This is my second go round with braces, but my goal is long range this time. I want a pretty smile, not just straight teeth. Plus before I had no business spending money on my teeth. I could barely afford food. 

How freaking sexy is that chick!!! Tiera the lady applying my brackets was the best. She stopped a few times to let me take pictures. Hey remember when they had to do casts of your teeth? They put a glob is stuff in your mouth and you had to bite down on it. Well not anymore folks. They have a scanner. She ran it over my teeth a few times and boom, we had this: 

No more gross globby stuff in your mouth to choke on. 

Whelp just wanted to update you on progress. Tomorrow is the removal of Mount Everest off my forehead. 

Ta Ta for now. 

PS. I baked another 3 dozen cookies for a cookie exchange tomorrow and didn’t even taste the batter. My scale hasn’t moved in a few days, but I’m good with it holding steady as long as it is not moving up. ❤️❤️

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