Jingle Bell Jogs (or not)

While my good friend Jen #2 (Both my Jens last names start with C’s) was here, you might recall we did a 5K turkey trot Thanksgiving morning. Well…. I decided to sign up for another one just to keep the momentum going on this journey. Yes, I signed up unprompted and pretty darn excited about it too. Knowing there wouldn’t be any actual jogging happening on my part (this time *wink*), I also signed up my granddaughters mom Rachael. We could bring the baby and the dog 🐶, so how could this not be fun. Right??  

Fast forward to the morning of. I don’t think it could have been much colder. A blistering 25 degrees. All three of us (myself, Buggy and Rachael) have all been sick for days, but decided to power through and go. Warmly dressed, Santa suits on and ready for action we headed to the starting line with a sea of other Santas. There was a DJ on the ones and twos. (Seriously I don’t know why I said it like that). Everyone was dancing and having a good old pre race time. 

My little yorkie-poo Jase was a huge hit. Folks loved him in his reindeer sweater and he is now instagram famous 😉. Ok maybe not famous but he did pose for tons of photos. 

Being that we had a dog and a stroller we waited till after the crowd had passed at the start of the race to join the group. Things were moving along until about 1.5 miles in. Rachael was hurting and the baby wasn’t happy.  Two miles in I lost Rachael and Buggy to a Dunkin Donuts, but I was determined to finish. Sorta. 

At this point I was dead last. How do I know you ask?? Well when the sherif car is behind you with his lights on And he’s telling all the race support staff that you’re the last one, you can be sure.

(This is when the cop car passed me since I was on the sidewalk)

At some point the truck that picks up the cones, timer gear, and water stations passed me too. I was  not going to stop, in fact having to cop car behind me made me walk faster I think. I had to pass someone so he wasn’t right behind me. (This is a symptom of being a wall flower. Please no attention on me) 

I finished the race and did pass two groups of walkers. One group was the couple from the cop car picture above. WHOOP WHOOP. However, I was so late getting in, there was no fan fare. I’m not even entirely sure I got an adult metal. See the kids fun run was wrapping up when I finally crossed the finish line. But the point is: I FINISHED!!!! 

Today ( a day later) I’m really not too sore, just a bit in my hips. My face and lungs still hurt a bit from the cold, but I’m proud of myself. I could have Ubered from Dunkin Donuts. I thought about it and I would have been so disgusted with myself if I had. Here’s to making the right choices for a healthy mind and body.

Next stop is 2017 steps in 2017. YEAH BOY!!! 

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