If you don’t like it, fix it 


Aside from my weight, there are some cosmetic things I would like to have done that I have been putting off till I lost some weight, however why not now. Let’s get started now, why wait! 

There is this mole on my forehead is like Mount Everest. 

It’s gotta go.  Do you see that thing?  Its the kind of mole that kids notice.  “Hey lady do you know you have a bump on your forehead?” sigh, from the mouth of babes.  My grand baby thinks its something to play with.  LOL

Whelp its going bye bye bye! 

On December 14th, after sharing my face with it for 30+ years, I am having it removed.  I can’t wait!!

One other thing that needs to be fixed it my teeth.  I need braces and then a few small things to fix my smile.  I know there is going to lots smile in the year to come.  I went to several consult appointments and decided on one close to my house.  I could have saved myself about $1500 if I would have gotten it done a few years ago, but live an learn.

Also, from what I understand I will have to wait about a year to have my “mothers apron” removed.  So research for that can wait a little while longer.

I know what you’re thinking, T your beautiful the way you are.  Well I know that, silly.  These are just enhancements, you know like putting rims on your car or tinting the windows.  *WINK*