My first PreOp NSV

Living near the city it seems the #1 social thing to do is meet for dinner and drinks. I have been avoiding these situations like the PLAGUE. However, it’s Christmas time and I want to be a part of the festivities and hanging out. 

Last night my friend and I met for dinner. I was ready. Menu preread, entree selected, and mind set on not eating the bread before the meal. CHECK

When we arrived I was so nervous. I am keeping my WLS semi private because I’m not ready to deal with the negative comments yet. So when the waiter came I asked it I could order off the kids menu. He said sure with an understanding smile on his face. I didn’t even look at my friend, LOL. 

When they brought the warm bread and that cheesy, garlicy olive oil my mouth 👄 just wanted one bite. However,  I know one bite isn’t enough for me, EVER. SO I heald firm on NONE (I do have to say writing this my mouth was watering just thinking about it). 

 I ordered Steak tips, garlic mash cauliflower and carrots. Victory! It was more than enough. I only ate half and have an amazing lunch today. My friend even  commented that maybe we should start sharing entrees when we eat out now since portion sizes have become so big. Victory! 

It’s reassuring that I can still participate in fellowship with my friends and not feel left out because of my fear of the menus. It’s a lifestyle change, not the end of life. It’s about making smart choices and not choosing to stay home. ❤️
**I hope I spelled entree right. HE HE HE

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