Endless Appointments

Update since my first entry I have gone to several different appointments, additionally I have changed my diet to low carb, high protein consumption only.  Im currently down about 7 lbs.

1st was a meeting with a nutritionist at the surgeons office. She weighed me 243.. (Down a couple lbs).  She told me about how my eating habits would have to change, how much I could eat after surgery. My new stomach would only hold about 1/2 of a cup of food and that I needed to make sure I had enough protein.  After about 20 minutes with her, I needed to go downstairs to talk to someone about exercise post surgery.  He and I talked about  the importance of getting daily exercise.

Additionally, I have met with the Gastro doctor who will be doing my EGD.  That is where they stick a camera down your throat to look at your insides.  I have an appointment scheduled to get that done in January 2017.

A week and a half ago, I went to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned.  They gave me an estimate of $6K to straighten out my teeth.  Good grief, that is a lot of money.  I have two more appts scheduled.  Hopefully someone will have a cheaper price.

Until next time.